5 Ton Webbing Slings / Round Slings


Webbing slings / round slings selected must neither be tied twisted or wound into each other in or order to achieve an extension.

An extension of webbing slings / round slings is only permitted by using highly resistant metal fittings such as shackles or textile connectors.

  • The load should be held by the webbing sling / round sling is such a manner so that the lifting point lies directly above the load’s center of gravity and the load is in a stable balance.
  • It is not permitted to use the polyester slings on sharp edges or rough surface without the additional of belt protection systems.
  • Webbing slings / round slings should be visually inspected prior to use each time and if any kinds of detect is observed,the sling should be taken out of use.
  • Polyester slings which have become wet during use or cleaning, should be suspended and left to dry. Polyester slings should no means ever be exposed to heat or forced to dry by any oyher method.
  • Polyester slings